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Friday, October 3, 2014

Ride To Vengeance is LIVE!

***UPDATE 10/05/2014*** Now available at iBookstore!

First of all, if you preordered Ride To Vengeance, make sure you have followed these directions to have the completed copy of the novel delivered (that is unless you just returned it -- in that case, you can download it now with assurance you will be getting it at the same price until Sunday when the price goes up to $3.99, the price it is at Barnes & Noble and Kobo).

It isn't a Kindle short (where it was trending yesterday). It is a full length novel of 298 paperback pages -- yes, I have formatted the paperback version and it will be available for purchase by Monday). 

Amazon instructions for Pre-orders and those that purchased it all the way up until 9:01pm Pacific Standard Time on Sunday, September 28th are as follows:

Go to YOUR ACCOUNT -> MANAGE YOUR CONTENT AND DEVICES (from the pull down on that) -> Click on SETTINGS -> Scroll down and check AUTOMATIC BOOK UPDATE (make sure it is says ON not OFF).

If this does NOT solve your problem, contact me at and have a copy of your pre-order confirmation/receipt and your kindle address on hand and I will send it to you but you need to do this:

MANAGE YOUR CONTENT AND DEVICES (from the pull down on that) -> Click on SETTINGS ->  Keep scrolling down until you see this  Approved Personal Document E-mail List -> double click on ADD A NEW APPROVED EMAIL ADDRESS and put in

For everyone else who just wants to squee and click the purchase button, here are the links. ;-)

P.S. I know I will have some people who might return it as soon as I send them a copy but I would rather you just delete it off your device if you don't want it and keep the jacked up copy so you can leave a Verified Purchase Review. Even though I am sending you the exact file, it is considered a DOC. It cannot be shared or pirated. And it will not show up as a verified purchase if that is all you have at the time you decide to leave a review.

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