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Sunday, September 22, 2013

In Too Deep Teaser & A Giveaway!

I have been neglecting my blog because not only did I re-write Falling Into Lust but I am now writing In Too Deep and on a tight deadline. So, here is a teaser and an awesome giveaway I am participating in. Feel free to enter. ;-)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Falling Into Lust (One More Night) Re-dux!

I have been quiet because I am having the whole One More Night Trilogy re-edited by my awesome new editor and I am re-releasing each novel better than ever. 

I have spent the first part of this month turning Falling Into Lust into a full length novel. I have added over 140 pages of new material to the book and it also has an awesome new cover!

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The new edition will replace the old edition starting on September 21 - 22nd. I will also de-list Omnibus Collection until all the novels have been re-edited and it will premiere again around November of this year.

There will be an introductory price of $2.99 for one whole week before it returns to $3.99. All the novels in the One More Night Trilogy will continue to be $2.99 until they have been re-edited and will be $2.99 a full week after they are introduced before returning to their original prices. The re-edits should be done before mid-November on all three books.

Also look out for In Too Deep, the final novel in The Lovers Duet, which will premiere in early October.

 Thanks again for all your support and have a wonderful day! ;-)