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Friday, October 3, 2014

Ride To Vengeance is LIVE!

***UPDATE 10/05/2014*** Now available at iBookstore!

First of all, if you preordered Ride To Vengeance, make sure you have followed these directions to have the completed copy of the novel delivered (that is unless you just returned it -- in that case, you can download it now with assurance you will be getting it at the same price until Sunday when the price goes up to $3.99, the price it is at Barnes & Noble and Kobo).

It isn't a Kindle short (where it was trending yesterday). It is a full length novel of 298 paperback pages -- yes, I have formatted the paperback version and it will be available for purchase by Monday). 

Amazon instructions for Pre-orders and those that purchased it all the way up until 9:01pm Pacific Standard Time on Sunday, September 28th are as follows:

Go to YOUR ACCOUNT -> MANAGE YOUR CONTENT AND DEVICES (from the pull down on that) -> Click on SETTINGS -> Scroll down and check AUTOMATIC BOOK UPDATE (make sure it is says ON not OFF).

If this does NOT solve your problem, contact me at and have a copy of your pre-order confirmation/receipt and your kindle address on hand and I will send it to you but you need to do this:

MANAGE YOUR CONTENT AND DEVICES (from the pull down on that) -> Click on SETTINGS ->  Keep scrolling down until you see this  Approved Personal Document E-mail List -> double click on ADD A NEW APPROVED EMAIL ADDRESS and put in

For everyone else who just wants to squee and click the purchase button, here are the links. ;-)

P.S. I know I will have some people who might return it as soon as I send them a copy but I would rather you just delete it off your device if you don't want it and keep the jacked up copy so you can leave a Verified Purchase Review. Even though I am sending you the exact file, it is considered a DOC. It cannot be shared or pirated. And it will not show up as a verified purchase if that is all you have at the time you decide to leave a review.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ride To Vengeance Delayed until Wednesday, October 1st.

So...tomorrow (today in Australia and that side of the world), I have a lot of pissed off people at me.

Ride to Vengeance, the 3rd book in The Rough Riders MC Series, has been delayed to Wednesday, October 1st. I can blame a lot of things like not letting Amazon know on time or them not doing their jobs and responding to customers when we send them countless emails so we don't have a bunch of disappointed fans who open up a book only to find out they have half a book because a placeholder was put in and the edited, full length novel is stuck on my MacBook. 

You see, they have locked me out of my own book so I can't MAKE any changes until it goes live or they delay the pre-order date to October 1st like I have begged them for the past two days! Because it's not perfect. It isn't the novel I want people to read. I am still re-writing and thought it would be done but it isn't the novel I think my readers deserve because to me, they deserve better! There are parts that need to be filled out more and the story needs to be expanded upon. Yes, I have finished all that but it delays me uploading until today and since they have locked me out, I can't upload my story today, not until it goes live.

To be honest, in that case, I would rather delay the date and have it come out on Wednesday, when I know it will be spit-shined and perfect. Or what I consider the perfect story I want my readers to read.

In the meantime, if you pre-ordered, you're going to open up a half-finished story because I never got the chance to upload the completed version. For this, I am sorry. Do not try to get a refund. I am working it our with Amazon and the problem will be fixed in the next day or so. You will be able to refresh and have the completed novel.

Again, please accept my apologies if you get this novel before it should come out. It wasn't ready and it was my fault for thinking it could be rushed. I was wrong and I apologize for doing this error.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Are You Ready To Ride Again?

Here is the gorgeous cover for Ride To Vengeance, the third novel in The Rough Riders MC Series. It premieres at the end of the month on September 29th, 2014. 


Welcome to Southern Nevada. The locals are ambivalent about the abundance of tourists year-round, the air is hot and dry in the summer, and human trafficking sells. The underworld of Sin City is partly run by the Italian and Russian Mafias but three motorcycle clubs also vie for control. The path to Hell is paved with good intentions, and so are the highways where Lucifer's Saints, Demon's Bastards and White Knights call the shots. 

Ronan Cox has been surrounded by club life since he was in diapers. Not yet thirty years old, already he holds the powerful position of Vice President for the Glendale chapter of Lucifer's Saints. 

Naomi couldn't be happier although she is an undercover Fed and Ronan's old lady. She's played the double agent for too long, feeding her superiors information while informing the club about the latest developments. 

This is Naomi and Ronan's story. It's not anything you're prepared for and completely unpredictable but life's like that too so proceed with caution.

WARNING: Although each novel is about a different couple in the MC world, the series should be read in order to understand the overall plot ARC. All novels are cliffhanger-free and contain explicit language, drug and alcohol use, violence and adult situations.



For those of you anxiously awaiting Devil's Pawn, the second novel in the Dance With The Devil Trilogy, that premieres at the end of October. And in November, the long-awaited third novel in the Scarlet Fever Series finally premieres. Jaded Faith, the turbulent story of Jaden Cox and Faith Cohen finally is told in their own words. I can't wait to tell you more about those novels either.

Thanks again and until next time... ;-)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Killing Time (The Ties That Bond Trilogy)

This one has been a long time in the making. I originally released this series over two years ago but it needed serious re-writes and editing. I know present the new version of The Ties That Bond Trilogy with a brand new look and new content! Available now where ever books are sold! 

The two follow ups to Killing Time -- Killing Inhibition and Killing Me Softly -- will be released in September and October! Until then, enjoy the ride and stay kinky! <3

Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Amazon Australia
Barnes & Noble

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Devil's Prey has landed...

Usually, I have so much to say when a new book comes out but this time, I'm going to let Devil's Prey speak for itself. It's even under SE Chardou because really . . . Devil's Prey is both Selene AND Elle Chardou's love child. It's darker than other Selene books yet it still has the dry wit and humor people expect from this alter ego. So...without further ya go...


WARNING: This is a dark romance with a hot alpha male, an anti-TSTL heroine and steamy good times. Due to explicit language, violence, adult situations, scenes involving m/m/f and m/f, alcohol and drug use, this novel is recommended to adults that can separate fiction from reality. 

"I'm hot as Vegas desert in the summertime. He's arctic, complete and utter ice.
I don't think past the end of the day. He has long term goals.
The adrenaline is like a spike in my veins. He doesn't seem to have a conscience, let alone a pulse.
I like him enough to stick around. He doesn't seem to care whether I live or die.
Neither one of us trust each other, and in a life of crime, that can be a huge issue."
- Mags

Magnolia "Mags" Reynolds is no shrinking violet. Her innocence is taken away from her at a very young age. Since she can remember, she's been a ruthless criminal but she's managed to survive to see her twenty-fifth birthday. 

Maxwell "Max" Cartier, an expert in his craft, enters her life shortly after a sudden change of circumstances leaves her adrift yet again. He doesn't want to be her lover or friend. He only wants her for one last job that will mean a fortune and his retirement.

The best laid plans are always the first to go awry, and their situation is no different. Both will have to learn the hard way there is no such thing as easy money when they are both merely Devil's prey.

***Although this is a trilogy, all novels are cliffhanger free and should be read in the order they are released to understand the overall plot arc.***

Devil's Prey 
Devil's Pawn (October, 2014)

Enjoy and have a great week, everyone! <3

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Covers, New Titles!

Most of you know how much I absolutely adore my MC series. I knew something was missing, I just didn't know what exactly! I happen to belong in a group where HM Ward dispenses advice and she spoke of the Trifecta in publishing: title, blurb and cover. 

Well, I'd already changed my blurbs and although I liked the covers, they didn't match -- they didn't look like a series and the titles had nothing to do with one another. So, without much more fanfare, here are the new covers for The Rough Riders Series!

Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Amazon Australia
Barnes & Noble



Welcome to Northern Nevada. The scenery is idyllic, the people are friendly and the outlaws rule the Tri-City area between Reno, Carson City, and Lake Tahoe with an iron fist. The path to Hell is paved with good intentions, and so are the highways where Lucifer's Saints, Demon's Bastards and White Knights call the shots. 

Love isn't patient, love isn't always kind and love certainly doesn't love you. Gisela Jackson understands the sentiment more than most. The daughter of an original gangster father and a socialite mother, her life has come full circle. She's lost the one man she's always loved until life gives them a second chance...

Cillian "Killer" Cox, Vice President for the Lucifer's Saints Motorcycle Club, has had a crappy hand in life. The son of the Saints' President, he's never questioned the orders he's given to maintain the order, brotherhood and safety of the club or their community. Until now. An encounter with his childhood sweetheart and a moment of weakness will change his life -- and hers -- forever. 

This is Cillian and Gisela's story of love, loss, heartache, betrayal and pain. It's not pretty but neither is life so proceed with caution. 


Welcome to Northern Nevada. The scenery is idyllic, the people are friendly and the outlaws rule the Tri-City area between Reno, Carson City, and Lake Tahoe with an iron fist. The path to Hell is paved with good intentions, and so are the highways where Lucifer's Saints, Demon's Bastards and White Knights call the shots.

Club life is what Trey Lennon lives for and all he's known his adult life. As Sergeant at Arms for the Lucifer's Saints Motorcycle Club, his whole world changed when he lost the love of his life and his former status with the Demon's Bastards MC. Secrets continue to disrupt him from getting his life back on track but none bigger than the one a certain fiery haired attorney reveals...

Kyra Hughes is no stranger to the MC life. As the daughter of Jonesy Hughes, President of the Demon's Bastards, she works on the right side of the law defending the outlaws who only desire freedom to live life their way. When a new client puts her in the middle of a RICO investigation, she's forced to drag the one man she's always wanted to make her own into a mess that could blow up in both their faces.

This is Trey and Kyra's story of destruction, pain and an enduring love that will touch every corner of their lives. It's far from perfect but neither is life so proceed with caution.

WARNING: The Rough Riders Series should be read in order to follow the overall story arc. This novel contains adult situations, explicit language and violence.

The Rough Riders MC Series:

Ride to Temptation
Ride to Chaos
Ride to Vengeance (September, 2014)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Naked Dirty Love is Live!!!!

Without further ado, Naked Dirty Love is live!!!

Barnes & Noble
Amazon Canada
Amazon UK
Amazon Australia

Remember, this is the second novel in my MC series. The previous novel is right below:


Amazon UK

Amazon CA

Amazon Australia

Barnes & Noble


Happy reading and have a wonderful weekend! <3

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Been gone for so long...

This should be such a LONG blog post but to make it easy on myself, I am going to just give y'all the Cliff Notes version...

I have been very enthusiastic about this series and after participating in the Biker Box Set collection this past February, I am excited to announce the second novel in the series, Naked Dirty Love, will be available on June 9th!

If you haven't read Deadly Seduction, don't fear! It has been revised and newly updated. It is also on sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Apple!

Naked Dirty Love is also being released on sale for the first two weeks of its release! It will premiere on Amazon, Apple, Kobo and Barnes & Noble on June 9th so there will be no delays in any markets. And if you need some more background information, there is now a cast of characters and the companion novels to this series are Out From UnderIn Too Deep and Covet.

So, what else is in store for my dear readers? Well, I have  a paranormal serial based on real life events coming out in July. My paranormal story, Haunted Midnight, the premiere novella in The Haunted Chronicles will come out the first part of the July.

I also have a crime caper mixed with dark erotica, romance and suspense. Devil's Prey, the first of Dance with the Devil Duet will premiere sometime mid to late July.

As always with duets and serials, there will be NO CLIFFHANGERS.

For August, I have Capture releasing mid to late August. It the final book in The Covet Duet.

Another Rough Riders Novel will premiere in September. Dangerous Alliance, Ronan and Naomi's story will kick off with a bang and won't let up. I am very excited about people getting to know them!

I have written four books this year and I'm not sure any of my readers know about them. Just to get you caught up....
  • Love TKO (A Love Unexpected Novel) is a stand alone part of a series. MMA fighter and a woman with a past get together and sparks fly!

  • DC Affairs Book One is a serial novella that takes place in the world of politics and features a romantic triangle between a politician and his campaign aide. No Cliffhanger at the end of this novella.

  • Covet (The Covet Duet) is a New Adult novel about Chantal Gillespie and Marian Decker, two biker brats from very different world and the very mysterious Laine Coburn who wades into their lives and turns them upside down. It is considered a companion novel to The Rough Rider series.

  • The blurb for Naked Dirty Love can be found below the cover photo.
All of these books can be found in paperback and are available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple/iBookstore and Kobo. is the cover and premise for Naked Dirty Love:

Now... for a couple of teasers...
Here's another...

In other news,  I also have four more author events this year. 
They include:
  • RNC in Las Vegas, NV (July of 2014)
  • Denton Author Event in Denton, TX (August, 2014)
  • Down & Dirty in Orange Beach, AL (September, 2014)
  • Love N. Vegas in Las Vegas, NV (October, 2014)
Until then, have a wonderful day and remember,  keep reading novels that rock!