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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ride To Vengeance Delayed until Wednesday, October 1st.

So...tomorrow (today in Australia and that side of the world), I have a lot of pissed off people at me.

Ride to Vengeance, the 3rd book in The Rough Riders MC Series, has been delayed to Wednesday, October 1st. I can blame a lot of things like not letting Amazon know on time or them not doing their jobs and responding to customers when we send them countless emails so we don't have a bunch of disappointed fans who open up a book only to find out they have half a book because a placeholder was put in and the edited, full length novel is stuck on my MacBook. 

You see, they have locked me out of my own book so I can't MAKE any changes until it goes live or they delay the pre-order date to October 1st like I have begged them for the past two days! Because it's not perfect. It isn't the novel I want people to read. I am still re-writing and thought it would be done but it isn't the novel I think my readers deserve because to me, they deserve better! There are parts that need to be filled out more and the story needs to be expanded upon. Yes, I have finished all that but it delays me uploading until today and since they have locked me out, I can't upload my story today, not until it goes live.

To be honest, in that case, I would rather delay the date and have it come out on Wednesday, when I know it will be spit-shined and perfect. Or what I consider the perfect story I want my readers to read.

In the meantime, if you pre-ordered, you're going to open up a half-finished story because I never got the chance to upload the completed version. For this, I am sorry. Do not try to get a refund. I am working it our with Amazon and the problem will be fixed in the next day or so. You will be able to refresh and have the completed novel.

Again, please accept my apologies if you get this novel before it should come out. It wasn't ready and it was my fault for thinking it could be rushed. I was wrong and I apologize for doing this error.

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