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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Teaser Wednesday & A HUGE Announcement!

Okay, now that I have definite dates I can tell you all about, here it is! Falling Into Us will be out and available for purchase on Tuesday, May 28th, so mark your calendars. As I said before, it will be a full length novel but the tour is taking a lot of time to formulate so there have been tweaks.

One More Night will still be a trilogy but the last two books of the series will concentrate on the tour between Scarlet Fever and Winter's Regret.

So, Falling Into Us concentrates on the North American leg of the tour and Falling Into Love will concentrate on the European and Asian leg of the tour.

There will be a fourth book about Kaz and Syd but it will be the first novel in the off-shoot series, Scarlet Fever.

So, to recap before I begin this excerpt:

One More Night (Rock & Roll Trilogy)

  • Falling Into Lust
  • Falling Into Us
  • Falling Into Love
Scarlet Fever Series (Rock & Roll Quartet)
  • Rock My Heart (Kaz & Syd's story)
  • The Will to Love (Will & Laurel's story)
  • Lust & Faith (Jaden & Faith's story)
  • Grant's Muse (Grant and Sasha's story)
Got it? Good. Now here is a little teaser from Falling Into Us!


Kaz walked toward the stage and heard the roar of the crowd as he approached. The announcer didn’t have to do much to turn on the twenty thousand people in the audience because as he entered the stage with sparks raining down on him and the music to “Misery Queen” kicking into high gear, he knew what he had to do.
They always started off their concerts with the song because it had been their first number one hit off their self-titled first album and he loved to get the crowd going by the fast, edgy song. The lyrics were pretty morbid since the song was about a woman who cuts herself and goes too far one day. He’d written the song after he met Loire, the tattoo artist and discovered she was a cutter at one time although she wasn't the only inspiration for the song.
Kaz made his way to the microphone and grabbed it from the stand before he moaned softly into it, his melodic yet deep and sexy voice coming through loud and clear. He tried to ignore the numerous screams from the female fans, some who were taking off their skimpy clothing to show their latest purchases of Victoria’s Secret lingerie.
He’d always wanted to make music and singing was his passion. The women had been fun in the beginning but now he was getting older, it wasn’t the same, and he no longer felt like a kid in a candy store. He wanted to spend his time with one woman only and he knew she was out there watching as he performed the song.
His voice built up and became stronger and deeper as he continued to sing; the fear and anxiety of being a failure slowly left his body. This was what he was supposed to do and now he realized why he loved every minute of it as the adrenaline pumped through his bloodstream and he became one with the crowd.
This was his life and he wouldn’t trade places with anyone else. Why would he when he was living the dream? How many people could honestly say they loved their job?
Feelings of inadequacy left him as the song ended.
“Are we rockin’ the Staples Center tonight or what?” he shouted into the microphone.
The audience went crazy and the elation fed his ego, which in turn fed his confidence.
Kaz was determined to rock the house and no one could do that better than Scarlet Fever. 

To be Continued...

I hope you enjoyed today's teaser and have a great day, everyone!

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