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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Falling Into Us News!

Hello to all my wicked beautiful people! I just wanted to announce the good news I have already shared on my Facebook page here! Falling Into Us will be novel length and although I have said in the past these books would always remain $2.99, I will debut the book at this price for the first week. This is for all the readers who have been into the series since it premiered! The price will then be raised to $3.99, the usual price I charge for novel length work.

And now, here is the gorgeous cover for the next book in the series!

Kudos to my cover artist, Stephanie Nelson, who managed to take photos I fell in love with well over a year ago and transform them since this couple has been used more than the Greyhound Bus! 

I will keep you updated and this book will still premiere this month but probably at the end of the month instead of the third week!

Thanks again to all my fans who fell in love with this series and recognized potential in an author who is not well known except by my handful of fans for who I have been relatively and overwhelming grateful to have. You women (and men) are amazing and I love you all for sticking with me. Just know this series is truly for you and I hope I do this particular genre justice.

Have a great Mother's Day weekend everyone! ;-)

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