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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last Teaser Before Falling Into Us premieres on Tuesday, May 28th!

Okay, last one before the premiere and I am mercilessly teasing you on purpose with this teaser...

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“Are you all right?” a feminine voice inquired.
I looked up to see Talia and realized my cheeks were wet. I was crying like some little bitch teeny-bopper out of a goddamn Taylor Swift video. Jesus Christ, when had I been reduced to this?
I carefully wiped my cheeks, careful not to smudge my waterproof mascara but one could never be too sure. “I’m fine.”
Talia continued to stare at me as if she actually felt sorry for me and I would rather have been hated than pitied. What a useless fucking emotion pity was and she didn’t know me. She couldn’t possibly understand what I was going through.
She finally sat beside me and sipped from her mojito. “You don’t look it. Is Kaz putting you through an emotional hurricane? It looks like it from where I’m sitting.”
I sat up and glared at her with cold eyes. “Kaz and I are fine. I can assure you he’s not doing anything to me.”
“Hey, I’m from south Boston so don’t you ever try to bullshit a bullshitter. Your heart is a pulp beating in your chest and you don’t know whether you’re coming or going. One minute, you’re flying high and the next, you feel like the lowest piece of dog shit on earth. I know what you’re going through because I’ve been going through it with Seth since my sophomore year at Vassar. The man drives me absolutely crazy and I love and hate him at the same time.”
Her candid honesty was too close to home but would I admit it to myself let alone her?
“Yeah, that pretty much sums up my feelings for him,” I whispered as I picked invisible lint from my black cocktail dress.
“Want some advice? Whether you want it or not, I’m gonna give it to you anyway. Kaz and Seth are kindred spirits except he hides his through endless sexual escapades and my lover’s favorite escape is a combination of cocaine and Oxy. They are damaged goods and sometimes…you have to know when to let go and do what is best for you.”
She paused and set her right hand on my own folded in my lap. “I know you can’t leave the tour because you’re the official photographer. Concentrate on that and make him come to you. Don’t you dare fucking beg him for anything. He’s just going to get meaner and uglier to you as the tour goes on and you’ll be packing your bags the moment you’ve set foot back in his L.A. pad. Don’t ever make a man the center of your universe because the moment you do, they take that pulp of a heart you have and squeeze until they have used up the best of you. Do you want to take that bitter, evil bitch you will become after the fact into your future relationships?”

That's it for now folks but enjoy all the tension and buy the book on May 28th when it premieres! By the way, add it to your Goodreads TBR list NOW! ;-)

Happy Wednesday!

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