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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday tease for my upcoming stand-alone novel!

Out From Under is a multi-faceted New Adult stand alone novel that deals with loss, grief, love, happiness and finding yourself after losing yourself.

Trista Lennon is a young woman heading off to Stanford University when her life is turned upside down by a devastating accident where she loses most of her family. She trades Northern California and an Ivy League for the City of Angels and her rock star cousin, Talia Viaro-Stewart.

As her PA, she is run ragged by Talia but she enjoys the work and she never thought in a city as fake as L.A., she would find the one man who is so wrong for her, he's right. 

Trista experiences happiness for the first time since the accident but little does she know, she was supposed to die along with her parents and someone still wants her dead...

The following scene takes place before Trista's life is turned upside down.


Clooney still walked with a slight limp but at least he didn’t have to use his walking stick and he’d almost healed to the point where he could run.
He was the first man I’d ever given my virginity too and although we both knew there was zero chance of me ever becoming his old lady, we liked each other a lot. Too much because I was going to miss him, his girlish creamy complexion covered in a handful of tats and his lean body. I would even miss the scar that went from his left hip all the way down to his calf where multiple operations had taken place. It was a thin, pink scar which had keloid and was slightly puffy against his otherwise perfect skin.
I laid on my stomach in his bed in the clubhouse and ran my hands over one of his army tattoos on his smooth, hairless chest.
“So, what happens now? When will I see you?”
Ugh, I wanted to avoid that question like the plague and wondered why I felt like our situations were reversed. Why did I feel like the man and him the chick? I knew I would let him down what ever I told him but it was no use.
“You probably won’t see much of me,” I began in a cautious tone. “Stanford is no joke and I will have to work my ass off to maintain a good grade point average. I probably won’t be back until summer vacation.”
“Christ, that’s a long time. Why are you leaving now?” he inquired as he stroked my soft, dark hair.
Clooney loved my hair for some reason though there was nothing special about it except I had natural chestnut highlights running throughout.
“I want to settle in to dorm life,” I lied smoothly.
The reality was I just wanted to get the hell out of Pine Bluff and be around intelligent people my own age. I loved my parents but they were suffocating and although we’d spent Christmas together, they’d opted to spend the week of New Year’s with my aunt and uncle. Once they got back, we would celebrate with a wonderful dinner at a nice restaurant in Lake Tahoe and a couple days later, I would be leaving.
      Thank God for small favors.

So there it is...the novel involves all kinds of people from accountants and computer hackers to rock stars and bikers...I am very excited about this novel. 

The cover reveal will take place on Monday, July 15, 2013!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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