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Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Tease...

Another tease from Out from Under...remember this is before everything falls apart and the real excitement begins. I am having so much fun with character development but I would really like to hear back from readers. This novel is like a slow burn, getting hotter and hotter until it builds into an inferno. The first scenes aren't mundane as much as they are giving a little background but not too much. Enjoy! 


“Earth to Trista, how are you and what are you doing here?”
I turned towards Tristan’s voice before I smiled and walked over to embrace him and Taryn.
“I’m great although to be honest, I can’t wait to get out of this podunk town,” I said before I sipped from my drink.
Tristan glared at me with harsh, sky blue eyes. “What’s that? Coke? You better not be drinkin’ alcohol. Mom and Dad would have my ass if they found out their perfect daughter was caught dead at a Bastards’ party with this many drunk and fucked up people running around. What they hell is wrong with you? If anyone can understand how out of control these events can become, it’s you.”
“Well,” I said as I placed my hands on my hips, “if you have any ideas how I am, supposed to spend my New Year’s night, especially in our little hole in the wall town, I’m all ears,” I replied in a sarcastic voice.”
“Maybe you should spend time at home for a change. Take Clooney with you—I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to know you have the house all to yourselves.”
I laughed out loud. “That’s not gonna happen because as soon as I get to Stanford, we’re through. Long distance relationships don’t work and Trey has demanded I cut all ties with the MC.”
“He’s right, you know,” Taryn replied in her soft, barely-there Northern Irish accent. “You’ve been surrounded by this whole scene your whole life and it’s not healthy. I was so happy to get the hell out of Belfast, I didn’t know what to do. Of course, I miss me Ma but do you know what it’s like to attend high school and university in a normal environment? No bombs exploding and not having to worry about being a Catholic?”
She paused and wrapped her arms around Tristan’s waist. “That’s why I love your brother so much. He loves me for me and it doesn’t hurt that he’s one of the most sexiest men I have ever met.”
My brother looked at her before he kissed her lips softly. “I love you too, babe.”
I smiled at both of them before I pursed my lips and left the club house. I sat outside on a wooden bench and watched a few revelers in more than close for comfort positions while I drank my Southern Comfort and Coke.

I needed to get out of here and I couldn’t wait for the New Year. As far as I was concerned, it couldn’t come fast enough.

Happy Friday everyone and enjoy the weekend!

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