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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday Tease from Falling Into Love...

Here is another little tease from Falling Into Love


Kaz swigged from his scotch. “You’re wrong about me. I don’t judge a woman by their class. Both Keren and Damira had nothing and I loved them. I am best friends with Jaden—his father is president of Lucifer’s Saints. You don’t think we haven’t had to go parties and play just because? I have had plenty of club ass but I also protect myself and make sure I kept a supply of condoms.
“I’m not nearly as discriminatory as you think I am. I have dated all kinds and I enjoyed my whorish lifestyle for a long time. When I drank and did coke like it was going out of style, I wasn’t all that picky. As long as I could prove the woman had a pussy and she looked decent, she could hop on my cock. Why do you think Damira hates me? I may not have cheated on her during these fucking concert tours but I sure as fuck wasn’t completely faithful to her.”
Syd strolled over to him and grabbed his glass before she drained the scotch. “I’m not a village idiot, Kaz. I know you were no choir boy and this is all fascinating but what does this have to do with you not being able to tell me you love me? Either you do or don’t and if you can’t tell me you love me then I’m sleeping in Misty’s and Keren’s suite tonight.”
Kaz laughed out loud. “Are you threatening me? Go ahead—fuckin’ stay with them because that isn’t going to get me do anything I don’t want to do. I told you I would tell you I loved you when I was ready and that time hasn’t come yet.”
Syd grabbed a Lalique crystal vase and threw it at the wall where it shattered; roses and water decorated the beautiful mess on the Persian rug. “You fucking asshole. If that is gonna be your attitude then fuck you! You can jerk off tonight because I won’t be here to pick up the pieces!”
She grabbed her handbag and slammed her way out of their suite. Unfortunately, she’d forgotten her card key in the middle of her tirade.
Fucking women…couldn’t live with them and couldn’t live without them.

Kaz cleaned up the mess and set a white bath towel to soak up the excess water on the rug before he grabbed his card key and left the suite.

To Be Continued...

Exciting news for all you Apple lovers, Falling Into You is now available at the iBookstore!

Happy Hump Day everyone!

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