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Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Tease....

Well, I'm down to the wire and Falling Into Love is almost finished. Soon it will be going to my editor and ready for consumption by the public! Here is another teaser because I know how much y'all love them!


Kaz walked over to his ex-wife. “Listen to me very carefully: you are my ex and I have never once complained about Kris so show my significant other the same modicum of respect. Don’t resort to your two-faced, underhanded games. You never considered her a friend. She was nothing but someone you could get dirt on to tattle-tale back to me. For God’s sake, grow up and act like an adult!”
Damira pursed her lips and glared at him coldly. “Why don’t you do the same and expose all your dirty secrets? I know you haven’t told her all of them. You’re sitting on a major one and don’t you think she deserves the truth? If you love her—truly love her—then you would tell her everything and not just what you think she can handle.”
Kaz opened his mouth but the guys from Winter’s Regret walked in chatting and talking about what an awesome show they’d had. Talia even looked pleased as she smiled at me and winked before she embraced Seth who was covered in sweat.
“We’ll finish this later—”
“—no, we won’t, because there is nothing to talk about. I’m through with this whole lame discussion. You can do what ever you want with your little tart because when we get back to L.A., I am suing for full custody of Xander. You have never been a decent father to him but what could I expect when one considers your background?”
Damira turned on her heels and walked out in a hurry while I walked over to stop Kaz from following her.
“Ignore her—you guys go on stage in less than twenty minutes and you can’t afford to be angry. We will make sure we hire the best family law attorney there is and she will never get full custody of Xander, not if I have any say in your life? You feel me?” I said to him in a rush of emotions.
He nodded before he replied, “Yeah, I’m feelin’ you. I also know what a vindictive bitch she can be and I would hate for her to come between us.”

I embraced him by the waist and rested my head in the crook of his neck. “She hasn’t done it yet and she won’t. I promise you that.”

To be Continued...

Have a great weekend everyone and keep an eye out for the Cover Reveal on Monday, June 17th!

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